Yarn Alive House ヤーンアライブハウス


In  2014, Yarn Alive became an officially recognized Ippan Shaddan Hojin Yarn Alive. (Hierigata Non Profit). 



Yarn Alive House has been completed at the end of August 2015! This 60 Tsubo building on 500 tsubo land has a large classroom and meeting room, kitchen, office, warehouse and shipping room.  



Knitting and crocheting has given purpose to ladies in temporary housing shelters. It has been both therapeutic and fun! Now that the temporary housing shelters are closing there is a great need for a central classroom for Yarn Alive. This is why we built this building. 

The office, shipping, and warehouse makes it easier to store donated yarn as well as ease in sending products to other disaster areas and places in need. Please visit our Project Page for past stories. 




Yarn Alive operates solely by free will donations. Just as YA receives donations of yarn and needles, it now needs donations of money to pay for this building. Just as donations of yarn and supplies are both large and small, YA also welcomes donations both large and small for the running of this building. Please visit our Donate Page to make your investment today!