Profile of the Week: Reiko Suzuki

Full Name: Reiko Suzuki

Location: Shichigahama for the past 28 years.

Currently living: Temporary Housing (another location close to where Yarn Alive meets)

How was life affected by March 11, 2011: Reiko was in her house when the earthquake happened. With her husband, she quickly fled by car to a high hill. Unfortunately, they lost their home to the tsunami in Hanabuchihama.

First started coming to Yarn Alive: Autumn, last year (October)

Crochet or Knit? : BOTH

Favorite color to work with: Pink (likes to mix colors though)

Favorite project:  Small items (flowers, purses, scarfs, neck warmers, vests)

What she enjoys most about Yarn Alive: Meeting her friends and talking with one another