Profile of the Week

Name: Mrs. Aikawa

How was life affected by March 11, 2011:  Mrs. Aikawa lives with her daughter and family on a lot with two houses in Hanabuchihama, a minutes’ walk from the beach. On March 11, 2011, she was in her house with her daughter when the great earthquake happened. Tsunami sirens began to alert everyone of an impeding 6-10 meter tsunami, At first Mrs. Aikawa did not believe that a tsunami would come and refused to move from the front house to the back house. But then they started to see the water rising to such a great level that they did not think that even the back house would survive so between the first and second tsunami they ran to a nearby neighbours lot which is on higher ground.

The water reached a meter into the back house, and unfortunately her front house could not be saved.

First started coming to Yarn Alive: July 2011

Favorite color to work with: Brown

Favorite project: Flowers!

Current Project: Putting together a pink scarf and hat set for a local 1st grade girl who lost both her parents in the tsunami. She loves to be able to make things for other people because it brings so much joy to them.

What she enjoys most about Yarn Alive: Meeting her friends and talking with one another