Thank you Kate Sutcliffe and the Kyōyū kyōyū – share group for your inspiration!


Time for Blanket #4. But before we introduce that one, we just want to acknowledge that the last two blankets posted were in fact blankets given to Yarn Alive from Kate Sutcliffe and the Kyōyū kyōyū – share group in the UK.

Since April 2011, this incredible group of ladies have generously and lovingly sent us blankets and toys which they made with their own hands. These blankets were received with grateful hearts as they brought a ray of sunshine during a very difficult time.

Months later, the initiative "Yarn Alive" was born.  Many of the ladies who came had received one of those special blankets. This soon led to them being inspired to do the same thing - create similar blanket designs AND THEN donate them to other people who had experienced the same tragedy in other areas [See Stories: 2 Brave Women & Kesennuma Heroes]

Through the months, the Kyōyū kyōyū – share group sent us over 100 blankets and nearly 200 yarn toys (see the penguin mascot -that was from them!).   Many of these blankets  and toys help inspire the ladies to not only create but to also give. "It is more blessed to give than to receive".

A special thank you to Kate for contacting us, organizing your group and sending us boxes of love and inspiration! You will never be forgotten!

And now here is BLANKET #4 - an item designed by one of Yarn Alive ladies and inspired by many of the blankets received from the Kyōyū kyōyū – share group.