There is a story behind Blanket #5

There is a story behind this blanket.

This blanket represents healing and restored hope.

A therapy blanket.

This blanket was created by a lady who suffered greatly after the tsunami. Her house and restaurant were on a small hill that overlooked an entire neighborhood next to the beach.

On March 11, people from her neighborbood fled to the evacuation point right next to her house. However she realized that even her house was not going to be safe from the tsunami. She urged people to flee to even higher ground. However, people just stood there in disbelief, watching their houses below being swept away from the tsunami. She ran to even higher ground, still urging people to follow suit. Tragically, this evacuation point was not high enough to save these people. She watched in horror as people were swept away. Her own house was filled with about a meter of water – measuring the wave to have reached about 15 meters.

Traumatized by this event, this lady needed time - time to think through everything. As part of her recovery, she started to crochet and knit with supplies that were given to her from Yarn Alive. Incredible pieces were created.

Through the months, this brave lady regained her strength and hope and re-opened her restaurant on the anniversary of 3/11.