Profile of the Week

Meet Masayou Aikawa, also known as Sensei (teacher) as she has an extraordinary ability to whip something up and teach everyone how to do it.  Every week she has a new project that she is working on.  She always amazes us with her creativity and skill.

She lives in Hanabuchihama a minute’s walk away from the beach. Her mother-in-law use to live in the house in front but that was washed out by the tsunami in 2011.  Her own house received about a meter of water.  Her mother–in-law now lives  with her and comes every week to Yarn Alive with her.  Masayou started going to Yarn Alive in the Autumn of 2011.  She thinks Yarn Alive is a lot of fun.  She prefers knitting to crocheting.  Her favorite color is blue and her favorite projects are ponchos and sweaters.  Over the next couple of days, we will be featuring her latest creations which she recently made for her husband.  Get ready to see some amazing Cowichan sweaters!