Collection day!

今日皆さんの素晴らしい作品が見れて素晴らしかったです。火曜日のクラスはベビーウェアをたくさん作っています。 今月ヨルダンへ代表者を送って支援物資を手渡しする事が楽しみです。現地でベビーウェアーがたしかに新生児に渡される事を確かめる事だけでなく、難民キャンプとこのプロジェクトの現状も報告していただけます。


It was a wonderful day of seeing everyone's beautiful handwork! This Tuesday class has been working hard at making some incredibly cute baby wear.

We are so excited to be sending one of our representatives to hand deliver the baby wear to Jordan by the end of this month.  Not only will this ensure the safety of the items ending up in the right hands but will also give us a great opportunity to be on the ground and see the situation along with reporting the impact of this project.

If you would like to donate towards sending the items to Jordan, please visit our website: