フィリピンプロジェクトのレポートPhilippine Project Report


Today marks 6 months since The Philippines experienced its deadliest typhoon on record, Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda).

As you first get off of the plane in Tacloban, you are greeted with an airport that looks like it has been completely bombed out. No windows or doors, missing roofs and walls and spray painted signs - life has continued and the resilience is wonderful to see and experience.

Driving through Tacloban and the surrounding villages, you see the similarities of damage that Japan also experienced in 2011. Although there is destruction all around, you can see the beauty that still remains.
_MG_5086私たちは夕方Center for Changeに到着しました。このセンターは孤児や子供達が心身ともに守られ、共に暮らし、教育を受けるコミュニティーです。家庭環境の中で生活するという趣旨のもと、各子供はHouse Parentと呼ばれる親に当たる人と家で生活するのです。
We arrived at the Center for Change late in the evening. The Center for Change is a community where orphans and children at risk are housed, clothed, educated and cared for.  Each child lives in a house with a House Parent who cares for them in a home environment.
Margaret Pashley, founder of the Center for Change, shared that they were hoping to receive a new transformer which would give them electricity for the first time in 6 months. Sure enough, as we pulled up to the gates, you could see men installing the transformer! As you can imagine, everyone was excited.  Electricity was restored just in time for their monthly Family Birthday Celebrations. This made the celebrations all the more exciting!

The next day we were able to see the progress of the rebuilding of the houses for the children and surrounding neighbors. The progress is great but there is still much need.

It then came time to pass out the blankets which the ladies of Yarn Alive created! Although it was a blistering 36C, the kids in each house excitedly gathered around as we explained where the blankets came from and the love that we wanted to share with them.
The first girl to received a blanket happily picked out her choice of color and jumped around the house in joy. She wrapped herself in her new blanket and then ran to her bed to place her new treasure.
She then helped us carry the blankets from house to house.

Although I felt like dying in the heat, each girl and boy wrapped themselves in their new blankets and shared how thankful they were to the ladies. They explained that particularly in December, it gets very cool so the blankets will be perfect for keeping them warm plus it adds a little more color to each of their shared bedrooms.

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The kids, aged between  5 to 20 years old, were so beautiful. Their laughter and excitement for life was infectious.   It was such a privilege to be part of their world, even if it was just for a short time. Thank you for your donations of yarn to the ladies of Yarn Alive who were able to make this project become a reality!
If you would like more information on the Center for Change, please visit their Facebook page. They are still in need of many repairs and future developments (like an evacuation building) so any donations would be happily received.