Book review

子供たちかぎ針を習う Kids learn to Crochet

子供のためのかぎ針教科書!説明はシンプルで写真は楽しくて可愛い!残念ながら日本語版は未だないのですが、いつか出来ればと思います。YarnAlive キッズもあれば最高ですね?! We are loving this book Kids Learn to Crochet which teaches kids to crochet! The instructions are simple and the pictures are adorable and fun!

Unfortunately it does not come in Japanese but hopefully it will one day! Wouldn't that be great to have Yarn Alive for kids?!

『アナベルとふしぎなけいと 』ー書評 "She still had extra Yarn" - Book Review

先週でプレゼントとして頂いた『アナベルとふしぎなけいと』 の写真をFacebookにアップしました。 Last week we posted a picture on Facebook of the "Extra Yarn" book that was given as a present.

可愛くて楽しい絵本だけでなく、まるでYarn Alive のはなしを描いているようです!

Not only is this book a fun read and beautifully illustrated, it shares the story of Yarn Alive! So we thought we would do a short book review on it :-)


It's about a little girl who never runs out of yarn and so she keeps making things for others.


Things began to change in that little town. 


And although there was some challenges, happiness prevailed.

2年半たってもYarn Alive は毛糸がなくなっていません。また地域と海外のために編み物を作っています。ここで変化はありますが、皆さん喜んでいます。

2 1/2 years on, Yarn Alive has not run out of yarn and so we keep making things for people in this community and abroad.  We have seen great change in this community and despite some challenges, all are happy.


So you can see why we love this little book! Grab yourself a copy today! Extra Yarn in Japanese ("Anaberu to Fushigi Na Keito") Extra Yarn