野球、水と毛糸の共通点は? What does baseball, water and yarn have in common?

このエリアは、いろいろ変化しました!災害後、水道水が止められていた時、この野球場は七ヶ浜町の配水場として使われました。さらに4ヵ月後、この同じ野球場で仮設住宅が建設され、その中で Yarn Aliveが始まりました! いつもそこに希望があることを感謝しています!

This area has seen a lot of change! From a baseball field, it became the central water distribution for Shichigahama when there was no running water for nearly a month after the disaster. Four months later, the first temporary housing units were built and soon after Yarn Alive was birthed!

We are thankful that there is always hope!