tsunami project

Apr 8 - Supporting one another!

The 2011 Great Eastern Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan left unimaginable destruction.  However, from destruction has come joy and new life. This week we will be introducing a couple of other groups similar to Yarn Alive.  These groups provide a safe haven for women to develop friendships, creativity and renewed dignity. We love being able to support one another as we all share similar goals! Let us first introduce you to the Ezer Project.  Next door to Shichigahama is the well known Shiogama which is famous for its fishing industry (apparently the city unloads more fresh tuna here than anywhere else in Japan!)

Shiogama's name means "salt cauldron" which leads us to Ezer Project's logo - a salt shaker:


Ezer means "one who has something to offer the one who is in need of aid or is helpless."  This project aims to help tsunami victims who are now living in temporary housing in Shiogama and give them an opportunity to earn a sustainable income.

They have so many creative and beautiful things. Here's a snippet of some of them:

Tote bag with cat design made from kimono

Kimono bag for delicates

Kimono bag for delicates


Small purse with embroidery

Dishwashing towel with handmade rubber stamp

Hot mat

Necktie made from kimono