Yarn Alive

特別養護老人ホーム Wakabayashi Elderly Home


It was wonderful to finally visit the Wakabayashi Elderly Home and distribute the blankets from AFWJ and Yarn Alive.


Four years ago, during the tsunami, this elderly home was flooded with 3 feet of water from the ocean which is 2 kms away. 50 people were quickly evacuated to the second floor where there was already an additional 50 people.  Thankfully, everyone was safe during that terrifying time. However since then, the entire bottom floor has not been suitable to use due to the water damage. So they are very excited to move to a new building next month.


We feel so blessed to have been able to partner with AFWJ and bless these 100 people! We look forward to continual relations with this home over the coming months and years!



新しい始まりの時 New Beginnings


Remember last year in November when we visited the local elderly home in Shichigahama? We distributed 60 blankets to the residents there. Well today we returned but not to hand out more blankets.  Instead, today we started classes so that these people have something to do with their hands and minds. One lady said that she could hardly sleep last night because she was so excited about today's class! It's so wonderful to be able to start this new class!

You can read about our first visit here: