お祝いの時 A season to celebrate

今日は、ヤーンアライブのいままでの活動を振り返り、多くの支援者に支えられてきたことに感謝 しました。
Today we took the time to just celebrate. To look back at all that has been achieved and be thankful for all that has been given.

Teddy shared about the celebration of the season of Cherry Blossoms. Cherry blossoms in Japan are richly symbolic. Cherry blossoms symbolize the transience of life - extreme beauty and quick death. But we like to think of cherry blossoms as a reminder of new life, a new season with incredible beauty.

皆さん一緒に春の唄を歌いました。Here are some traditional Spring songs we sang together.


And of course with any celebration comes good food!

Odango - A Japanese Spring dessert

今週はイースター。新しい命を祝う時です。It's also a time to celebrate Easter and the new life that it represents.


And, we also celebrated the Philippines Project!  Although delayed in sending the blankets, we plan to now send them in the first week of May. 80 young boys and girls in Leyte, Philippines who were affected by Typhoon Heiyan, will receive some love from Japan!  We love creating and we love giving! We think that is worth celebrating.

フィリピンプロジェクトのブランケット!写真撮影のため皆さん造った作品を探しました. Checking out all the blankets that have been created for the Philippines Project! Lots of celebration as the ladies searched for the creations so that we could get a group photo.

もう少しで!Nearly there!


More blankets for our Philippine Project came rolling in today! We've nearly hit our target of 78 blankets! Looking forward to seeing what comes in with tomorrow's class!

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Fun to be a blessing

昨日は地元の保育園にYarn Alive の膝かけを寄付する事が出来ました!アレルギーの問題もあって、園児71人の子供達には与えられませんでしたが、25人のスタッフ全員に配る事が出来ました。新しい設置が寒いとのことでブランケットのプレゼントを喜んでいました。些細なことでも祝福になれればとても嬉しいです。

私たちは未だフィリピンプロジェクトに取り組んでいます。3月から4月の間に78のブランケットを寄付する予定です。また、他にもYarn Aliveが加われるプロジェクトなどのアイディアがある方はどうぞyarnalive@gmail.comまでメールでお知らせ下さい!

Yesterday we were able to give a local nursery some Yarn Alive lap blankets! Although we could not give the blankets to the 71 children due to potential allergies, we were able to bless the 25 dedicated workers. They were so excited to received the blankets especially as they shared that their new building was very cold. It's always fun to be a blessing even if it is only in a small way!

We are still working hard on our Philippine Project of putting together 78 blankets and sending them in March/April. But if you know of a project that Yarn Alive could contribute to in the future, please email us at! 

クローズアップ A closer look


今日のクラスで完成品のブランケットは増えました。それで今まで出来上がったブランケットのいくつかをクローズアップしたいと思います!色々なデザインが素敵ですね! We got more blankets for our Philippines Project in today's class. So here is a closer look at some of the blankets that we have received so far!  Don't you love all the different designs?

完成されたブランケットがやって来る The blankets are starting to roll in....

We are loving these blankets that the ladies have already completed for our Philippine Project!
There was lots of clapping and close inspections as we admired one another's handiwork.
Seikosan had enough yarn left over to make these adorable kid shawls!
目標まであと50枚。 So now we have 50 more blankets to go! :-)

プロジェクト・フィリピン Project Philippines


Announcing our new project - Project Philippines! 


On November 8, 2013, the Philippines experienced the deadliest typhoon on record, Typhoon Haiyan (also known as Typhoon Yolanda in the Philippines). The destructive images and reports hit close to home. As 2011 tsunami survivors, it was in our hearts to somehow help in the recovery effort.


An opportunity arose for one of our members to go to Leyte, Philippines to document the reconstruction for a place called “The Centre of Change”.  With this opportunity, we thought as Yarn Alive, we could send some supplies and let them know that we are thinking of them.

しばらくして、ヤーンアライブの一員がフィリピンのレイテ島にある台風によって破壊された「センター・オブ・チェンジ(変わる場所)」の 建て直しの様子をドキュメンタリーとして撮影しに行くことになりました。そして、ヤーンアライブからの支援物を届け、我々の想いを伝えようということになりました。

The Centre of Change was established under the leadership of Margaret Pashley.  This community is a place where orphans and children at risk are housed, clothed, educated and cared for. Each child lives in a house with a House Parent who cares for them in a home environment.


On November 8, the children and neighbors ran to a World War II bunker on their premise for shelter. Over 200 people gathered together as they faced the typhoon. Thankfully they were all safe, however fourteen of the fifteen houses were destroyed.

3 - house

Although the Philippines by large is a warm climate, the frequent typhoons that hit make temperatures drop dramatically. Last month it even got as cold as 15C (59F).  Margaret shared that the children were very cold and so they tried to search for blankets and sweaters.  She also mentioned that the Centre of Change used to have enough bedding for all the children, but many things disappeared or blew away during the storm.

フィリピンの気候は通常は温暖ですが、台風の季節は気温が下がり、先月15度まで下がったこともあります。マーガレットさんの話では、夜になると子供達は寒がりブランケットやセーターを欲しがって探していたそうです。センター・オブ・チェンジには以前子供達全員分の夜具があったのですが 台風でなくなってしまったのだそうです。

The ladies of Yarn Alive cannot help rebuild the houses with their own hands but they can certainly use their hands to make blankets to bring warmth and a ray of sunshine into each of those rooms.


Our goal for the end of March is to make 76 light blankets.  These blankets will be created in a size that can be placed at the end of each of the children and youth’s beds and also be used as a shawl or lap blanket for studying during the cooler months.  There are 42 boys and 34 girls aged between 6-24 years old.

そう考えたメンバーは3月末までに76枚のブランケットを編む目標を立てました。6ー24歳までの42人の男の子と34人の女の子各自が時にはショールとして、あるいはひざ掛けとしても使えるブランケット を色々なサイズで作ることにしました。

So this week every person placed their hand in a bowl (well, a beanie...), withdrew a piece of paper of which sex and age they will be knitting for and received their bags of yarn.  With excitement, the ladies immediately started to write down the measurements and work out which pattern to use.

今週、誰がどの子供のブランケットを編むのかを決めるため、毛糸帽子の 中の紙を取るくじ引きをしました。くじ引きが終わると、早速どんな色や模様にして、どんなサイズかを夫々が考え始めました。

As we approach the 3 year anniversary of The March 11 Great Earthquake and Tsunami, we are thankful for all that we have been given and the great recovery that we are experiencing. Our wish now is to give freely to those who have also suffered greatly and see their speedy recovery.

今年の3月で被災後3年になりますが、本当に多くの皆さんのご支援と励ましをいただいて きました。今度は私たちがそのお礼としてフィリピンの被災者たちの復興のお手伝いを少しでもできたらと願っています。

If you would like to be donate towards this project, monetary donations can be made via our website and blog. Alternatively, please visit the Facebook page for Centre of Change for more information on how to contribute monetary donations towards the reconstruction of the buildings.